Luke is a local mural artist who has worked in many four corners community‘s painting contemporary mural art or what is sometimes referred to as street art for individual businesses and community organizations in Farmington.

An Apache artist from Shiprock New Mexico, Franco is learning to weave in the Navajo tradition. He is a former chef who has traveled many places making wonderful food-Art based on traditional Apache foods.

A Navajo wool artist who specializes Wool Felting and Navajo weaving techniques. She is also the Director of Sheep is Life, non-profit organization and a resident of Shiprock New Mexico.

Victoria J Yazzie
A Farmington textile artist who works in creating cultural clothing of the southwest people, she also is a jewelry maker and crafting artist.

Shawn Ahkeah is a Shiprock-based artist on the Navajo Nation. He is a Navajo Realist painter whose works concerns concepts of Navajo cultural life as his specialty. He is a veteran of the United States military.

Michael Scott, a younger generation media artist to focus says on photography. He has roots in the comic book art and recreates the images of such characters in his photography against the natural landscape of the Shiprock community he also is a Podcaster.

Host Venaya Yazzie speaks with Native American artists from throughout the Four Corners Region every 3rd Thursday of the month at 9:30am.
This month's guest is Tina Deschenie, a writer, poet, and member of the Diné nation.

Thomas talks about balancing historical photos with comments by Curtis and Native sayings.

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