Today Scott is joined by featured artists Bonnie Adams, and Timithy Gordon, to discuss the upcoming Aztec Artists Studio Tour: Oct. 8 & 9, 2022. 

Today Scott is joined by Edison Eskeets, and Jim Kristofic to discuss the inspiration behind this months "One Book, One Reader" choice "Send a Runner"

Today Scott is joined by Abbie Allen and Koy Modzianowski participants in the upcoming play Alice in Wonderland which is being held at the Farmington Highschool. A behind the scenes look in set design, characters, production and more.

Today Scott is joined by Margaret Clair to discuss the upcoming balloon glow event featuring; balloon animals, hypnosis mind games, Apache Crown Dancers and more. Also learn about the kick-off of Broadening Horizons, and Cinema-tech. Red Letter Days, Charlie Chaplin, Field of Arms and how they tie to the Connie Gotsch.

An Apache artist from Shiprock New Mexico, Franco is learning to weave in the Navajo tradition. He is a former chef who has traveled many places making wonderful food-Art based on traditional Apache foods.

Today Scott is joined by Rosalyn Fry and Debbie Klein to discuss the upcoming Painted Pianos event as well as upcoming children's events and free admission day at Pioneer Village. 

A Navajo wool artist who specializes Wool Felting and Navajo weaving techniques. She is also the Director of Sheep is Life, non-profit organization and a resident of Shiprock New Mexico.

Today Scott is joined by D'Ann Waters, as Molly James, Ron Price as Harry Clay, and Rick Burns as Bud Neighbors to discuss the upcoming event, Dining With The Dead.

Today Scott is joined by  Music Director Thomas Heuser to discuss upcoming events, interesting facts and topics of years past.

Today Scott is joined by his students from his public speaking course. Today we hear speeches given by Nolan Redhouse, Rochelle Peters, and Rhyannon Lucero.

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