Northwest New Mexico Arts Council: Downtown Makers Market: Flo Trujillo
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Patricia Galagan, Fire Ghosts. Patricia talks about how she and Philip Metcalf photographed the aftermath and regrowth of the grounds where the Las Conchas fire burned.

San Juan Symphony May 15 Concert Preview: Thomas Heuser, Music Director
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Geoff Habiger, Untouchable and Unavoidable. These two books follow Saul Imbierowicz’s adventures as a vampire-detective in the days of Al Capone.

Annette grew up in Southern Colorado listening to her father’s tales of World War II in Germany. This novel brings to life atrocities and survival of families during that time.

This award winning biography of Santa Fe’s own flamenco dancer has beautiful photography and interviews with the dancer herself.

I started playing the cello in 4th grade and stayed with it, along with piano, through my first year of college. Life took me different directions and I put it down until after I had settled in Farmington in the mid-1990s. Since then, I have found many new avenues for playing including Showcase Concerts, San Juan College, the San Juan Symphony, Dead Composers Society, Tres Rios Quartet, Durango Bach Festival, and most recently the Red Rocks Chamber Ensemble in Gallup. Outside of music, I enjoy cooking, nature, and working with my hands in general.

Mick Hesse presents “Hope, Not Hate” is dedicated to Ervin Schulhoff. Schulhoff was born in Prague in 1894 and died of tuberculosis at the internment camp in Wülzburg in 1942. He wrote 8 symphonies as well as many works for string quartet, piano and various smaller ensembles. Communism, Dadaism, traditional American music and jazz had a strong influence on his compositions.

Terry Nichols, The Dreaded Cliff: Ordinary Packrat, Extraordinary Adventure. Terry talks about the real life incident that inspired this middle grade book full of adventure, animal characters, and facts.

Aztec Painted Pianos: Rosalyn Fry,

City of Aztec Municipal Government Offices

Mayor Pro-Tem & Sandy Waybourn, President,

Aztec Chamber of Commerce
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