Today Scott is joined by featured artists Bonnie Adams, and Timithy Gordon, to discuss the upcoming Aztec Artists Studio Tour: Oct. 8 & 9, 2022. 

Today Scott is joined by Milo McMinn Director of Technical Education, and The Principal at Vista Nueva H.S, Dreher Robertson to discuss The day care Co-Op with San Juan College as well as the start of the new Internship program, and the Innovation Zone grant that helped make it happen.

Today Scott is joined by Jessica Polatty to discuss the upcoming Aztec Highland Games & Music Festival coming up Oct.  1st, and 2nd at Riverside Park. Learn about the events, how to partake, and the need for volunteers. Volunteers can earn admission and lunch for their time.

Today Scott is joined by Rosalyn Fry and Debbie Klein to discuss the upcoming Painted Pianos event as well as upcoming children's events and free admission day at Pioneer Village. 

Today Scott is joined by Patience Williams to discuss Healthy Kids, Healthy Community, Growers Markets throughout, and CHIC's Walking Back To School Event.

Today Scott is joined by Amber Francisco to discuss which furry friends are up for adoption. Dog lovers needed.

Today Scott talks with Kevin Summers, and Dr. Milo McMinn to discuss the start of the school year, covid restrictions, and new opportunity. Learn what's being offered through the Career and Technical Education Dept. 

Today Scott is joined by Amanda Knight, Principal at Mosaic Academy a charter school within the Aztec school system. Today they discuss differences between public and charter schools, age ranges, and the differences in curriculum. The new buildings location, and changes in the area to make note of.

Today Scott is joined by Jamie Church and  Jessica Polatty to talk about the upcoming Highland games. Learn about the traditional games and foods as well as other activities throughout the coming months.

 Superintendent Kevin Summers joins Scott to discuss the changes happening to Aztec schools, both over the summer and up and coming.

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