Patricia Galagan, Fire Ghosts. Patricia talks about how she and Philip Metcalf photographed the aftermath and regrowth of the grounds where the Las Conchas fire burned.

Geoff Habiger, Untouchable and Unavoidable. These two books follow Saul Imbierowicz’s adventures as a vampire-detective in the days of Al Capone.

Annette grew up in Southern Colorado listening to her father’s tales of World War II in Germany. This novel brings to life atrocities and survival of families during that time.

This award winning biography of Santa Fe’s own flamenco dancer has beautiful photography and interviews with the dancer herself.

Farmington Public Library: Jenny Lee Ryan
KSJE is a community-supported public radio station!

Terry Nichols, The Dreaded Cliff: Ordinary Packrat, Extraordinary Adventure. Terry talks about the real life incident that inspired this middle grade book full of adventure, animal characters, and facts.

Neill McKee, Guns and Gods in My Genes: a 15,000 Mile Search Through Four Centuries of History, to the Mayflower. McKee’s memoir and tracing his family roots reads like a novel full of interesting characters. 

Jenny Lee Ryan discusses some of the upcoming programs and events (virtual) at the Farmington Public Library!

KSJE is a community-supported public radio station!

Elva Österreich, The Manhattan Project Trinity Test: Witnessing the Bomb in New Mexico. Elva’s career as a journalist introduced her to a number of people with remarkable stories of the first nuclear test in New Mexico

Ray John de Aragón, Eerie New Mexico and New Mexico’s Stolen Lands: A History of Racism, Fraud, and Deceit. Ray John talks about these two very different books, but both coming from a historical perspective.

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