Today we are talking about the economy with Jason Calcote from Citizens Trust & Investment Corporation!

Today we are talking to Jason Calcote from Citizens Trust & Investment Corporation!

Today we are talking with Jason Calcote from Citizens Trust & Investment Corporation!

Roving with Arts host Mick Hesse has started a series titled “Making Money Making Music” that focuses on local musicians who are making a living making music. 


This week features two very successful musicians, trumpeter Delbert Anderson, and keyboard player Mauricio Espinal. 


The interview includes discussion of their early classical training and how education has helped them succeed in the rarified world of professional musicians. 


Several original compositions will be performed live in the studio as well as music from a recent CD. 


Today we hear from Amanda Evans from the Community Health Improvement Council and Darrin Church from Citizens Trust & Investment Corp.

Connie Dinning and George Sharpe with Merrion Oil and Gas, discuss Hot Topics in the Oil and Gas industry as they take over KSJE and become a "DJ for a Day!"

US Senate Candidate Mick Rich (R) is our guest.

Warren Unsicker is Farmington's New Economic Development Director.

Audra Winters, President and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, announces the winners of the annual Chile in October event and more upcoming events for the chamber.

September 21, 2018

Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett

ScottMichlin-NateDuckett.jpgFarmington Mayor Nate Duckett discusses the future of Farmington.

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