Today we are hearing from Dr. Eugene Schmidt! Then, off to the encouragement lab with Dr. Mike Hattabaugh!

Today, we are hearing from Ernesto Martinez, owner of Memory Gardens. Then, off to the Encouragement Lab with Dr. Mike Hattabaugh! 

Dr. Mike Hattabaugh reminds us that encouragement is always a good choice!

This week, Dr. Mike Hattabaugh reminds us to "relate to their story" when having a conversation.

encouragement_lab_scott_-_mike.jpgDr. Mike Hattabaugh explains why all of us should make a new friend.

Our weekly visit to the Encouragement Lab.  Stay positive, despite the bad audio (we apologize).

Watch out below!  Have you taken the time to thank the people who pack your parachute? 

Communications Professor Dr. Mike Hattabaugh has a lesson about "confidence" in our weekly trip to the Encouragement Lab.

Even a communications expert can have an off day!

Magic_Kingdom_-_Cinderella_Castle_-_by_cdharrison.jpgCommunications Professor Dr. Mike Hattabaugh asks the question this week:  Do you live in a Castle or a Kingdom? There's an important difference.

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