Today Scott is joined by Ron Price to discuss relationships and a warning about Relationship Germs: (Part 1)

Today Scott is joined by Ron Price to discuss vulnerability and how to be ourselves with those closest to us.

Today Scott is joined by Development Training Manager Soberta Bitsuie, and Senior Program Coordinator Aaron Newman to discuss services offered at the Crisis Center for victims and offenders of domestic violence, or abuse. Also services offered for the elderly experiencing abuse and more.

Today Scott is joined by Troy Fuhrman Director of the Radiology Dept. and Cancer Center, as well as Deb Albin, Registered Nurse and Cancer Navigator to discuss the newest equipment and their new abilities for treatment. Also the re-opening of the cancer center after the upgrades.

Why we should reconcile our difficult relationships. What is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...?

Today Scott and Megan discuss the solutions, the struggles, and dealing with the onset of Alzheimer's, and struggles with dementia.  

Today Scott is joined by Ron Price to discuss healthy conflict resolution both personally and professionally. 

Today Scott is joined by Patience Williams to discuss Healthy Kids, Healthy Community, Growers Markets throughout, and CHIC's Walking Back To School Event.

Today Scott is joined by Audra Winters to discuss the upcoming Cancer Walk-A-Thon: Sept. 17, 2022. Learn about the updates to our local cancer centers, what route the walk will take you, and all pets are welcome. Also the Riley event which helps men with the cost of medical care and how you can be in the drawing for the Polaris side by side. 

Today Scott is joined by Nicole Brown, Director at San Juan County Communications Authority to discuss the inner- workings of the dispatch system. How to become a dispatcher, and pay. Also learn about smart 911 and how it can help in an emergency.

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