This first book in a trilogy is written for Middle Graders to help them see what was happening in New Mexico during the Civil War.

Today Scott is joined by Edison Eskeets, and Jim Kristofic to discuss the inspiration behind this months "One Book, One Reader" choice "Send a Runner"

An Apache artist from Shiprock New Mexico, Franco is learning to weave in the Navajo tradition. He is a former chef who has traveled many places making wonderful food-Art based on traditional Apache foods.

Dr. Tafoya calls himself a comediologist, and performs stand up comedy in New Mexico. His book discusses the conventions of comedy and how the Marx brothers shattered those.

Today Scott is joined by Archeologist Paul Reed to discuss what's new in archeology. Recent drought has brought about new discoveries. Tune in to hear about which are local.

Today Scott is joined by D'Ann Waters, as Molly James, Ron Price as Harry Clay, and Rick Burns as Bud Neighbors to discuss the upcoming event, Dining With The Dead.

Today Scott is joined by Paul Reed to discuss what's threatening our parks and monuments, ways we can help protect them, and what's being done to preserve our lands and historic sites.

Award winning novel about fighter pilots, family ties, and long-kept secrets.

Scott Is joined by Paul Reed, and Clark Tenakhongva to discuss Chaco Canyon and the surrounding lands, and its important connection to the Native American and Pueblo People.

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