Today Scott discusses breastfeeding and the events in August for breast feeding month being offered at C.H.I.C.

Scott and Megan discuss the struggles with everyday needs and how the Overflow Store at the Riverstone Church is helping the community to help fulfill those needs.

Tune in to hear about services offered by ECHO. Screening process, hours of operation, adult and senior programs. Hear about volunteer opportunities, and surrounding distribution points.

Turn in to hear about services offered by C.H.I.C and how those services can help assist with community needs.

Healthy Foods for Kids in Childcare: Community Health Improvement Council:Patience Williams & Barbara Tedrow
KSJE is a community-supported public radio station!
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Today we are speaking with representatives from the Community Health Improvement Council!

Today we are talking to Patience Williams, Bonnie Hopkins, and Erin Havens about the local food summit!

Today we are speaking with Patience Williams!

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