Today Scott is joined by Margaret Clair to discuss the upcoming balloon glow event featuring; balloon animals, hypnosis mind games, Apache Crown Dancers and more. Also learn about the kick-off of Broadening Horizons, and Cinema-tech. Red Letter Days, Charlie Chaplin, Field of Arms and how they tie to the Connie Gotsch.

Today Scott is joined by Milo McMinn Director of Technical Education, and The Principal at Vista Nueva H.S, Dreher Robertson to discuss The day care Co-Op with San Juan College as well as the start of the new Internship program, and the Innovation Zone grant that helped make it happen.

Today Scott joins us from Student Rush at San Juan College to kick off the maiden voyage of KSJE on the road!

Today Scott is joined by Gerald Arnell Williams professor of math at San Juan College to discuss his new book,

Algebra the Beautiful. 

Today Scott is joined by President Dr. Toni Hopper Pendergrass to discuss the start of fall semester. What's new, what's changing, and what's coming up for the future at San Juan College.

Today Scott is joined by Dean Deborah Chalmers to discuss the opening of the student housing, how to be eligible, programs for assistance and the history behind the concept.

Mischievous?, Interesting story? Today Scott and Megan take your calls to hear what's interesting to you.  

Today Scott is joined by his students from his public speaking course. Today we hear speeches given by Nolan Redhouse, Rochelle Peters, and Rhyannon Lucero.

Today Scott is joined by Janice Krish, and Jean Legros to discuss the activities and opportunities offered at The Big Idea Maker Space. Make products, crafts, inventing, tools and supplies. 

Interview with Judy and Becky Mann and dancer Katherine Baird about the upcoming dance performances at San Juan College. 

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