Today Scott is joined by Jessica Polatty to discuss the upcoming Aztec Highland Games & Music Festival coming up Oct.  1st, and 2nd at Riverside Park. Learn about the events, how to partake, and the need for volunteers. Volunteers can earn admission and lunch for their time.

Today Scott is joined by Cody Diehl, Isaac Gamboa, Dale Bode to discuss the beginning of the school year, Covid, onboarding for teachers, and what is a High Reliability School, as well as updates from the Athletics Dept., and school safety.

Today Scott is joined by Jamie Church and  Jessica Polatty to talk about the upcoming Highland games. Learn about the traditional games and foods as well as other activities throughout the coming months.

Tune in to hear highlights, scores, and updates for the 2022 Connie Mack World Series.

Listen in as Kirk gives us a re-cap on the weeks events, scores, highlights, and much more.

Listen in for highlights, scores, scheduling and more. The Connie Mack World Series wrap up.

Today Scott and Megan take your calls to share your favorite things about Connie Mack or your favorite memories.

Scott is joined by General Chairman Mark Varley of the Connie Mack World Series, and Kacie Snyder in charge of host families to discuss the parade and other events tied to Connie Mack.

Scott is joined by Steve Bortstein, Farmington Daily Times Local Sports to discuss the upcoming, Connie Mack World Series & more! 

 The Annual Race to Educate, and is organized by the Foundation for Educational Excellence. All ages event with music, food, and fun!

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