Today we are talking to some Piedra Vista H.S. Drama Students!

Cast and crew of Theater Ensemble Arts' production of "Four Weddings & and Elvis" discuss the show and other upcoming productions this season.

Today we are discussing upcoming events with Linann Easley!

Randy West, Farmington Civic Center Supervisor, discusses upcoming events!

Today we are discussing the following with Randy West from the Farmington Civic Center:
"Deliverance" screening with Ronnie Cox: November 9
Ronnie Cox concert: November 9
Blue Note Records 80th Anniversary concert: November 15
John Smitherman concert: November 23

Linann Easley, Director of the San Juan College Henderson Fine Arts Center, discusses the upcoming play, the Revolutionists along with the cast and crew. She also discusses the film, :Fiddler: Miracle of Miracles, showing in October.

Today we are talking to Linann Easley about upcoming events that are part of this years San Juan College Silhouette Series!

Today we are talking to Randy West, Todd Oliver & Irving, the talking dog!

Today we are talking to Tom Jennings, Kevin Tschetter and Amanda McCaleb about Robin Hood!

Today we are talking to Heath Cates about Acting, Voice classes, and movie making in San Juan County.

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