May 11: Ed Davis and Geoff Habiger, Publishing in 2022. Geoff of Artemisia Press and Ed talk about what it’s like to publish these days, without meeting each other face-to-face.

May 4: Christopher Schipper, Pima Community College Library Department Head-West Campus. To continue our series on banned books, Christopher shares his expertise on this passion of his.

 Continuing our series on banned books, Dr. Robison talks about the history of banned books in America.

April 20: Amy Henkenius of Amy’s Bookcase. To bring attention to the blight of banned books, Amy talks to us about how she deals with banned books in her independent bookstore.

April 13: Andrew Weber, Exploring Utah’s Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa: A Guide to Hiking, Backpacking, Scenic Drives, and Landmarks. Andrew talks about writing this guide to exploring a unique part of the Four Corners, and his experiences doing so.

The days of the railroad hobo are passing, but Ed once rode the rails and wrote this multi-layered story with those experiences in mind.

March 30. Jonathan Miller, The Shakespeare Incident. Jonathan is the Rattlesnake Lawyer, and this is one of his latest. He talks about Korean/Navajo cuisine, paranormal, and aliens all set in small town New Mexico with characters from his other books.

 This is the first in a trilogy of Darby’s story. Nina talks about writing and researching historical fiction both in rural and urban areas.

 Lynn has cleverly written these books in bite-sized alliterative prose for inspiration and advice.

Randall talks about the writing of this non-linear book of a chaotic and violent future.

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