Janet Greger uses real science and her own experiences as, among other things, a pet therapist to write her stories.

Sarah, an Albuquerian from Louisiana, talks about her murder mysteries set in New Orleans’ area during prohibition.

Janet shares how Harriet Murphy, a strong single woman in the early nineteenth century, was based on a true person.

Ross, illustrator, author of children’s books, and sculptor, reads from and tells us about his creations.

Bruce talks from Silver City, NM, about this historical fiction novel and its close ties to real life.

Jeanne tells about her experiences in Hawaii and with the language, and how she uses that in her cozy mysteries, from her home in Tucson, AZ.

Jon, a practicing lawyer, discusses his many books and his upcoming new release.

Sabra, from Albuquerque, discusses her five romance novels and their evolution.

“A vivid troupe of broken people in the Albuquerque Bosque.” Scott talks from Angel Fire, NM, about writing this story and his other books.

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