Susan’s memoir covers the two and half years she spent with her husband while he suffered with a brain tumor. She talks of the book with candor and sensitivity.

This children’s book, illustrated by Jean Rim, tells readers it’s AOK to be different.

Essays on bicycle travel across the Southwest, recollections of war, and philosophical ponderings comprise this book. Kevin talks about how it came to be and why it is arranged the way it is.

Judy, a practicing psychologist, took French classes to know how to read the accounts of Athénaïs de Rochechouart, mistress of King Louis in this well-researched historical fiction

Jodi talks about her three books, the recipes in the back of one of them, and what’s coming up next.

Stephen is the director of UNM Press, who is reissuing Evan’s titles. He calls Max Evans the “legendary author of the American West.”

Connie, one of the editors of this anthology, tells how it came to be and how it was put together.

Portia joins me in the studio to tell us about her vision in writing this important fiction full of love and frightening predictions.

Stephen Steele, The Cannastar Factor. Cannastar is a natural, miracle cure for everything and the pharmaceutical companies want it destroyed. Stephen talks about this action-filled adventure.

Robert talks about this 6th volume in the Howard Moon Dear Mysteries

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