July 13, 2021

Roving with the Arts: “Hope, not Hate” part #10 Dedicated to Sandor Kuti, Gideon Klein and Emile Goue

Sandor Kuti was born in Budapest in 1908. In 1940 he was deported to an unidentified forced labor camp in Germany and died in an unidentified punishment camp in 1945. Most of his works were lost. 


Gideon Klein 1919-1945  A Czech pianist and composer, Klein organized the cultural life in Theresienstadt concentration camp. In Theresienstadt, he wrote works for string quartet, a string trio, and a piano sonata. He died in unclear circumstances during the liquidation of the Fürstengrube camp in January 1945.


 Emile Goue  1904-1946- was born in France. He was a scientist as well as musician and taught in Paris, He was conscripted into the army in France and captured in June 1940, taken to Flag XB in Nienburg, and took an active role in cultural and musical activities. He organized science lectures in physics, music, and stage performances. After being released he returned to Paris and died in a sanatorium in 1946.

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