Jim Tritten represents the writing group from Corrales, New Mexico, and discusses how the group writes collaboratively, individually, and their writing philosophies.

Pete visits the studio to read from and talk about this guide to making tough Bible issues easy to understand.

April 19, 2019

Cuentos Hahne and Tales

Melanie Leeson from the Farmington Public Library reads Arthur and the True Francine, Arthur's Family Vacation, Arthur's Teacher Trouble, and Arthur's Tooth, all by Mark Brown.

Today we are hearing from Jordan Richards, Ali Rye, and Devin Neeley! Then, "Save-a-Buck-Thursday" with Jason Calcote!

Dr. Ghattas talks from Albuquerque about the tremendous research that went into the writing of this detailed account of Syrian emigrants from centuries back.

Jack visits the studio to talk about his YA book, and how it is meant to give young boys a book to which they can relate.

Today we are hearing from Kirk Carpenter and Tania Prokop!

April 12, 2019

Cuentos Hahne and Tales

Beth Troxell from the Farmington Public Library reads Little Red Riding Boots by Eric Zwiener and The Cajun Cornbread Boy and the Buttermilk Biscuit Girl by Dianne de Las Casas.

From Albuquerque, Rani tells about the writing of her Druid novels, how she wrote their language, and reads from Cedwig.

Sherri talks from Albuquerque about this practical and understandable guide to finances.

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