I started playing the cello in 4th grade and stayed with it, along with piano, through my first year of college. Life took me different directions and I put it down until after I had settled in Farmington in the mid-1990s. Since then, I have found many new avenues for playing including Showcase Concerts, San Juan College, the San Juan Symphony, Dead Composers Society, Tres Rios Quartet, Durango Bach Festival, and most recently the Red Rocks Chamber Ensemble in Gallup. Outside of music, I enjoy cooking, nature, and working with my hands in general.

Mick Hesse presents “Hope, Not Hate” is dedicated to Ervin Schulhoff. Schulhoff was born in Prague in 1894 and died of tuberculosis at the internment camp in Wülzburg in 1942. He wrote 8 symphonies as well as many works for string quartet, piano and various smaller ensembles. Communism, Dadaism, traditional American music and jazz had a strong influence on his compositions.

Jeff Solon performs on flute, saxophone, clarinet and harmonica and can be heard with his 
Swing’n Big Band, duos, trios and more. Jeff lives in Durango and teaches at Fort Lewis College. He is a prolific composer and arranger and plays all over town.

Tennille Taylor has been a permanent member of the San Juan Symphony for 20 years. She holds a Music Therapy degree from Arizona State University and fell into teaching which led to two years of long-term Suzuki Violin Pedagogy at University of New Mexico. She opened her private violin studio, Tennille's Violin House, in Farmington in 2004. She has the best Doberman named Penny and enjoys baking bread, gardening, restoring old houses, sewing, reading and training for marathons with her husband, Ryan Niehaus.

“Hope, not Hate” Dedicated to Robert Emanuel Heilbut (1919-1945) Music by Heilbut, Zikmund Schul and Karel Berman.

Julia Thom is a native of Western New York and has lived in the Farmington area since 1990. She and her husband, Mick Hesse, lived and performed in Norway, traveled extensively, and continue to enjoy music together.  Julia is retired from teaching at CCSD and San Juan College, and devotes time to knitting and accompanying at First Presbyterian Church in Farmington, NM.

Artistry of Bruce & Sharon Rhoten for trumpet and piano, with music by Kaminski, Francaix, Torelli and more, with the North German Radio Philharmonic

“Hope Not Hate” dedicated to Marcel TybergPart 3
Music by Ullmann, Löwenthal, Dauber, and Tyberg
Roving with the Arts presents “Local Favorite” 
Les Leach received his Bachelor '64 and Master in Music Education '71 degrees from The University of New Mexico and did advanced study in Orff Schulwerk at NAU.  He has taught Band, Choir and general music at the public schools and university levels in New Mexico and at NAU.  He has been honored by the New Mexico Music Educators Association having been inducted into the NM Music Educators Hall of Fame in 2002 and selected as the Emeritus Teacher in 2021.   Les retired in 2015 after 51 years in Music Education.
“Hope not Hate” features music by Viktor Ullman & Zikmund Schul who were killed in Auschwitz in 1944.  Ullman was born in 1898 and was very active in music composition and performance while living in Theresienstadt before being deported to Auschwitz on October 16 1944, and murdered the next day.

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